How Does NADH Boost Energy?

A body deficient in NADH is like a car that has run out of petrol. The more NADH a body has the more energy it can produce. NADH production declines with age.

Why supplementing with Coenzyme 1 is important?

Vegetables, fruits and other vegetarian food contain low NADH. And if this coenzyme was obtained from meat and fish would only deliver a minimum amount–due to being degraded by the stomach’s digestive gastric acids. NADH improves the efficiency of liver enzyme functions.

How does energy depend on NADH Coenzyme 1?

NADH is a very efficient producer of ATP. Inside each cell is a process known as the krebs cycle combines NADH with hydrogen to form ATP, your own body’s energy. Without a complimentary co-enzyme, the majority of enzymes are useless & will not produce complete protein systems for the human body. Unlike DHEA and Melatonin NADH is a coenzyme not a hormone.

Is Coenzyme 1 helpful for sports people?

Studies on cyclists have shown that cyclists increased their oxygen capacity & improved reaction times after only one month of 5mg NADH per day.

Benefits for anti aging?

As we age the NADH and energy levels in our cells decrease: ageing is loss of energy. When cellular energy declines below a certain threshold cells begin to slowly deteriorate & tissue degenerates Antioxidants protect the body from highly reactive molecules called free radicals, which have the potential to damage cells..

Additional benefits?

Caffeine, sugar and calorie free. It removes the need for caffeinated drinks and does not give the ‘caffeine lift’ fllowed by the dip in energy..NADH is one of the most potent antioxidant and free radical scavengers.

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